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Children of the Moon and Sun by Clover-tan Children of the Moon and Sun :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 7 0 Kageyama Tobio by Clover-tan Kageyama Tobio :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 3 0 Hinata Shouyou by Clover-tan Hinata Shouyou :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 11 0 Cinderella is a Prince: First Date by Clover-tan Cinderella is a Prince: First Date :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 26 8
Mature content
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 13 (M/M) :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 16 28
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 12 (M/M)
Chapter Twelve - My Lucky Day
Walking down the road to the Underground station, I couldn't help but chuckle and grin stupidly to myself.
I bullied him way too much.
But he was so cute!
As I replayed my vision of his adorable pouting expression over and over again in my head, I wondered what he thought of our first date.
Was it good? Was it bad?
Did I annoy him too much? I laughed way more than he did, after all.
I shrugged off the thought and walked down the escalator, paying no attention to the women who were gazing and smiling at me from the other side. Then I thought back to the oh-so-smooth surprise kiss I gave him before leaving and smiled to myself.
Yeah, well, that kiss ought to do the trick.
"I'm home," I called out as I opened the door and threw my keys onto the counter.
"How was your date?" Felix asked aloofly as he continued to mash the buttons on his GameCube controller. It appeared that he'd already gotten over the fact that he was the only straight person in the household
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 15 24
Cinderella is a Prince: Felix O'Connor by Clover-tan Cinderella is a Prince: Felix O'Connor :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 14 3 Cinderella is a Prince: William Angel by Clover-tan Cinderella is a Prince: William Angel :iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 29 13
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 11 (M/M)
Chapter Eleven - His Defeat
"Vicky, how do I look?" I asked worriedly and pulled at my collar, which was frustratingly soaked with perspiration.
The scarlet-haired fashionista lowered her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey (which I'd constantly tried to ban from the living room) and eyed me for a moment before bluntly replying, "Like a wet dog."
I grimaced and unbuttoned my shirt. "I'm changing," I declared and headed up the stairs. Of course I wasn't going to go out wearing a purple shirt that was originally lilac and chinos that didn't match at all. I wanted to look casual, but that obviously didn't work out well.
I just don't want to seem like a prude. Is that such a hard request?
After about an hour of fiddling through the closet, I fumbled down the stairs and stood in the middle of the living room, waiting for fashion-queen Vicky's verdict.
"Well?" I urged and crossed my arms.
"Hmm…" She rested her chin on her fingers and thought for a moment before stating, "A dandy. You look like
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 16 15
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 10 (M/M)
Chapter Ten - My First Date
I did it. I asked him out.
And he accepted.
Holy crap.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend any more time talking since Will had to get back home and I had work to get to, but we did exchange numbers, of course. However, the first number I dialled was Charlotte's.
"Guess who's got a date?"
I groaned in frustration. "Could you possibly be any more self-absorbed? It's me!"
I heard a faint giggle from the other line and then she spoke up, "With Cendrillon?"
"… Yes. Please stop calling him that."
"It wasn't against his will, right?"
"Goddamn it, woman. I thought you'd be more supportive," I grumbled.
She laughed again, a bit louder this time. "Jokes aside, where are you planning on taking him? Unless you're wearing the skirt in this relationship."
"Hell, no," I growled as I waved for the bus and fumbled in my pockets for my Oyster card. "Actually, I'm not sure yet as to where I'll be taking him. Any ideas?"
"How about a French restaurant?
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 16 25
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 9 (M/M)
Chapter Nine - His Bad Timing
I'd never suffered from a hangover before. After all, I had nerves of steel.
This was an entirely different matter.
"My god…" I groaned as I struggled to sit up in my bed. My body was exhausted and my limbs were almost limp, a bad sign, indeed. Moreover, my hips were absolutely aching. As I noticed something, or someone, shuffle beneath the covers, I immediately dreaded the worst. "Oh, no."
No, no, no. God, no.
I didn't.
But as it turns out, I did. The young man beside me yawned tiredly and stretched, a satisfied smirk spread across his lips.
"Good morning," he greeted and reached a hand out to stroke my face.
I flinched as soon as I felt his smooth fingers caress my cheek and stiffened uncomfortably. "I, um…" I flustered and averted my eyes from his intense and devastatingly caring gaze. Not again. I can't possibly do this again.
"Is something the matter?" he asked concernedly, sensing my awkwardness.
I had to do it. If I didn't, I'd only end up
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 19 10
KidxMaka: Pheromone
- Maka's POV -
A drop of sweat trickled down my forehead as I sat on the bench in exhaustion. I gasped tiredly as I leaned against the seat and tried to catch my breath. It had been a while since I last trained without Soul and Stein-sensei certainly didn't hold back.
Ah… I wish Soul was here.
"Maka-san, are you all right?"
I glanced above to see Kid standing in front of me with a rather concerned expression on his face and a bottle of Pocari in his hand. His hair and clothes were dirty and messy and he was also breathing wearily from our training exercise. Today's training practice was designed just for meisters and Black Star had already dashed back home, leaving just me and Kid on the training grounds. I wasn't used to training without Soul and there were consequences, namely my fatigue.
I nodded. "Yeah, I'll survive," I joked with a reassuring grin.
He chuckled in amusement and handed me the bottle, to my surprise. "Here, drink. It'll make you feel better," he offere
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 18 33
Death the Kid: Neurosis
Chapter One - Marionette
I was seven years old when my mother died.
When she 'committed suicide'.
I could still remember her screams and pleas.
"You're a sick, horrible child. Get out of my sight." I clung tightly onto my rabbit plush doll and continued to stare at her. My perfect mother.
She coughed, smoking her cigarette and drinking down another bottle of alcohol. Her face was shrouded in foundation and messed-up black make-up but everything was symmetrical nonetheless. She loved symmetry; she was obsessed with it. It was somewhat of a psychological disorder. And she hated me because of that.
"You're so ugly," she would always point out and either tug my hair or lean and stare at me menacingly. I was born with three white stripes on my jet black hair and no matter how many times my mother tried to dye my hair or cut it off, it would always show. "You're not my child, now get out of my sight."
Sometimes I'd cry, but most of the time I would just stand there silently, eyes showing abs
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 19 19
KidxMaka: Smile, Please
Smile, Please
-Kid's POV-
Living without meaning, moving down a path that doesn't exist.
That was my life.
I stared at the test sheet that Professor Stein had passed to me.
Another 100.
"Kid!" Maka, my cheerful and slightly annoying classmate shouted to me with a wave of her hand as she approached me. "So, what did you get?" she asked eagerly.
I sighed.
It's her again.
I showed her the sheet, causing her to gasp in shock and look at her own sheet.
"Wow, beat me again, huh?" she remarked in awe.
I stared at her with a blank, unimpressed expression. "Why are you trying so hard to beat me?" I asked out of sheer boredom. I didn't understand why she was continuously pestering me, even though I made it clear that I hated having her around me.
Just give up already.
To my bewilderment, she simply grinned and confidently replied, "That's because you motivate me into doing my best!"
"You've misunderstood," I plainly stated, as I tried to hide my feelings of surprise from her abrupt statement.. "
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 25 5
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 8 (M/M)
Chapter Eight - My Thirty Days
After a whole eight hours of reflecting, I still couldn't figure out why Will had acted so strange during breakfast and abruptly left in a huff.
"Mate, you have got to chill," Felix advised, drawling out the 'l' to emphasize his point as he watched me aloofly smash piles of cutlery.
"Easier said than done," I grumbled and pointed a knife at the teenager as a warning to shut up.
Is he... mad at me? Did I do something to make him mad?
I then dreaded the worst. Oh, my god. Something happened when I was drunk, didn't it? Holy crap, did I rape him?
"Hmm…" I pondered for a moment before crossing out that theory. Then again, he wasn't staggering that morning.
"Luke!" Lyle called from just outside the café. "This lady wants to see y-"
I heard a cluttering sound, which when I swerved around to face the front door, turned out to be Lyle being thrown against the glass window as an infuriated redhead stormed through the door, effortlessly and i
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 14 7
Cinderella is a Prince: Ch 7 (M/M)
Chapter Seven - His Misunderstanding
He has a girlfriend, you git.
God, he might've been straight all along and you're just too wrapped up in your stupid Cinderella story to notice.
I slouched pathetically on the bus bench and heaved a low, miserable sigh.
I guess this is karma paying me back for crushing so many hearts in the past.
"What the hell…" I mumbled and kicked the pavement in frustration. Why am I getting so worked up over someone I barely know?
I picked up my phone and dialled Vicky's number. Surely she would have an answer.
"'Sup?" she answered.
"He has a girlfriend," I sighed.
She replied almost immediately. "He what?!"
"Girlfriend. He has one," I repeated in a deadpan voice, ears ringing from her expectedly shrill cry.
I heard her curse under her breath from the other end of the line and I couldn't help but smile at how much she cared for me. "You know what, screw him. He's a jerk anyway."
"Oh, come on," I protested. "You don't know a thing about him."
"Judging by th
:iconclover-tan:Clover-tan 13 8


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